Customised City Tour

Customised City Tour

This service allows you to create a custom tour which takes all of your needs into account.

Whether your trip is for business or whether you are planning a pleasant leisurely stay, the solution is at hand. Relying on the advice of our staff, you can create a tailor-made package that allows you to visit the places of most interest to you.

You could draw up an art tour, visiting the most important exhibitions and monuments,  a food and wine tour that takes in restaurants, bars and the most renowned wineries, or perhaps a shopping trip, packed with outlets, shops and designer labels.

Maybe you would like a combination of all these elements, for a well-rounded holiday. Whatever your desire, SC Luxury Service will take care of it for you and will always be at your side, from your arrival to your departure, with a team of professionals, ready to drive you anywhere you desire in order to make your stay a safe and comfortable one.

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